Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bovetti Chocolate

Bovetti is a French chocolate maker with a ridiculous product catalogue of more than 150 different bars, spanning the spectrum of white, milk, and dark, filled with assorted spices (pepper, ginger, cinnamon), fruit (dried apricot, cranberries, candied citrus),  seeds (fennel, poppy, anise), and even flower petals (rose, violet, lavender).  They also make a small selection of organic bars, and a handful of single origins.

I don't know much else about Bovetti, nor do I recall where I picked up this bar, so, not much to say here, sorry!
Packaging with see-through window.
The packaging was quite attractive, a rustic paper holder, with a see-through window, revealing the textured chocolate inside.
Milk chocolate with caramel and fleur de sel.
The chocolate looked quite nice too.

But it was very boring.  I generally prefer dark chocolate to milk, so perhaps I shouldn't have expected to like this, but I was drawn in by the promise of caramel and fleur de sel, both things I quite enjoy.

The top had a crunchy layer to it, which I guess was the caramel and salt, but, I just tasted some sweetness, nothing I'd distinguish as caramel exactly.  And no salt.  I handed this off to Ojan.
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