Monday, September 03, 2012

Falafel from Fresco Pizza and Shwarma

Some of my adventures in using free LevelUp credits have been quite successful, and I've discovered some new places I'm excited to return to.  Most have been fairly mediocre, places I won't return to, but weren't bad, particularly for some free stuff :)  And others ... others are horrible.

I recently had some really good falafel, and I've been craving it ever since.  I was wanting a snack, so I  pulled out LevelUp, and found a place offering falafel that feel within the free credit budget.  Done!

I could have guessed pretty instantly that this wasn't going to go well.  They were a pizza place, and they had shwarma (duh, I guess this is obvious from the name), and of course, the falafel.  Somewhat of a strange mix, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Service was beyond horrible.  I placed my order at the register.  And then, I was ignored for about 10 minutes, while I stood there.  I wasn't rung up, or told anything.  They made pizzas, answered the phone, did a slew of other things.  Eventually someone comes out with my falafel and hands it to me wordlessly and walks away.  I mention that I haven't paid yet and need to do so.  He grunts the price at me, and I say I'd like to use LevelUp.  He seemed very angry at this point.  The phone that they used for LevelUp wasn't plugged in and the battery was dead.  He asked me to use cash, which I didn't have.  He plugged the phone in, but the battery was so dead that it wouldn't turn on.  He told me it would take a while, and I said that was fine, I'd go sit and eat my falafel and come pay when he was ready.  He told me no, that it would take too long.  I asked if he knew of an ATM nearby.  He said no.  I again told him it wasn't a big deal, I could wait for the phone to charge and boot up, but he was pissed at this point and told me to just take it and go.

I won't be going back.

Falafel.  $0.75.
This was not good.  Super oily, flavorless.  It did have a good crust.  Will not ever get again.


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