Saturday, September 08, 2012

Rogue Chocolates

Rogue Chocolatier is another small chocolate maker that I discovered at the Good Food Awards.  All their bars contain only cacao beans and cane sugar and are single origin.

I wasn't all that impressed with any of their offerings.
  • Sambirano.  70%, single-origin from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar.  Tasting notes: Smooth, nice and dark, very rich, complex flavors. [ Second time: Somewhat light and milky for a dark chocolate, not in a good way, in a less complex way, least favorite of their chocolates. ]
  • Rio Caribe. 70%, single origin from Venezuela.  Tasting notes: somewhat fruity, but forgettable.
  • Hispanola.  70% single origin from the Dominican Republic.  Tasting notes: earthy, most complex of their bars that I tasted, nice dark bitterness.
  • Silvestre.  75%.  Limited production, made from a small, rare bean from Bolivia. Tasting notes: Fruity, incredibly smooth but less complex, not all that interesting.
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