Monday, September 10, 2012

Milkshake from Holy Grill

A beautiful San Francisco afternoon and LevelUp credits burning a hole in my pocket.  What is a girl to do, but go on a mission to get something cold and delicious?  I had a few of my SOMA specific credits left to spend, which I could combine with the initial seed money from individual restaurants to buy big ticket items, like ... milkshakes!

I browsed through the list of SOMA merchants, and went to the nearest one that had milkshakes: City Kinetics.  But when I arrived, I was told they no longer had shakes!  I pulled up the app again.  I had a few options, like Burger Joint or going back to Bistro Burger, but then I found Holy Grill, which promised milkshakes made from Mitchell's Ice Cream.  This sounded promising!

So I trekked there, further than I really wanted to go, but it was sunny and nice out, and in the end, I didn't mind, although it wasn't the nicest walk.  Holy Grill is a very casual, order at the register sort of place, with a few tables inside and outside.  Most people seemed to be getting burgers and fries.

Service was friendly, the place was clean, no complaints.  Good for the sort of place it was.
Strawberry Milkshake.  $3.99.
On the website and online ordering tool, Holy Grill offered 3 types of milkshakes: vanilla, chocolate, and cookies & cream, all made with Mitchell's Ice Cream.  I've actually never had Mitchell's before, although everyone says it is great.  Since I'd had a fairly mediocre Oreo milkshake the day before from Bistro Burger, I was excited to try another similar shake, the cookies & cream.  But when I arrived, she told me they only had vanilla and chocolate.  I might have made a pouty face, and definitely took a minute considering my options.  I didn't really want a chocolate or vanilla shake, and considered going to spend my credits elsewhere.  Then she offered, "or, I could make a strawberry one too".  I asked if that meant that she'd add some strawberry syrup or fresh berries, and she said fresh berries.  Ok, I was intrigued.  Not what I'd normally go for, as you can probably tell from my last few milkshake posts, I'm more of a candy girl (oreo, mint chocolate chip, etc), but fresh fruit sounded promising.

The shake was made classically, with ice cream and milk in a real blender.  I only mention this since I've seen a few now like the one from Del Taco that was made with a mix and a strange milkshake machine.

There was no offer of whip cream, which they certainly lose a few points for.  I love my whipped cream on top!

The shake was very creamy and perfectly thick.  It stayed a really nice consistency the entire time, not melting and separating like the Bistro Burger one, and not too thick to drink the like the Del Taco one.  And unlike the Bistro Burger shake, it was served with a wider straw, which allowed me to easily consume the thick shake.  The consistency was key, but the flavor is what really made it.  Really fantastic strawberry flavor.  Turns out, fresh strawberries blended with ice cream are delicious!

This was the best shake I've come across recently, obviously better than the Del Taco and Bistro Burger ones, and slightly better than the one from Roxy's Cafe due to the surprisingly good strawberry flavor in it.  I'd consider getting one again if I was in the neighborhood, although, I guess I'd have to bring my own whip!


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