Friday, August 23, 2013

Snacks from Little Debbie

Ah, Little Debbie treats.  Always the best part of my lunch box.  Well, actually, I had an amazing mother who made fresh cookies all of the time, so I didn't have them that often in my OWN lunch box, but I could barter for them :)  I thought these would fall in the category of snacks that I should let just remain as memories, and that trying them again as an adult would ruin them forever.  But ... in this case, I'm glad I tried them again.  It turns out, some Little Debbie is still delicious!
Oatmeal Creme Pie.
One of my strongest Little Debbie memories, and appearantly their first item, around since 1960.

The cookies are super-soft, just like I like them.  They don't have a very strong oatmeal flavor however, and have a slight plastic flavor to them.  They are so soft though!

The filling is just crazy sweet, exactly as I remember.  The ratio of cookie to filling is perfect.

These really haven't changed.  I don't love them, and won't get them again, but they sure are a classic.
Mini Frosted Donuts.
Mini Frosted Donut, Cross-Section
I don't think I ever actually had these growing up, as we always got the Entenmann's ones.  But these just sound so good.  Who doesn't love chocolate frosted donuts?

The cake was, like Entenmann's, a strange, unnatural, yellow color.  It was fairly unremarkable, not really moist nor dry, not really having any particular flavor.

The chocolate shell was similarly flavorless.  I wanted it to be chocolatey, I wanted it to be a bit crunchy, but it wasn't really anything.  The Entenmann's version had a much richer chocolate flavor.

Meh.  Would not get again.
Pecan Spinwheel.
"A pastry of cinnamon and spice rolled with pecans."

I thought I remembered these as being one of my favorite items, although I was confused when I opened the box.  What I remembered came in totally different packaging ... I remember individual little plastic boxes.  And I thought they were more caramelized and more loaded with pecans.  Am I remembering something else? Did these change?  Am I totally making this all up?

Anyway, these weren't good.  Moist dough that was kinda gummy and strange.  I didn't find any pecans in it, although there was some gritty substance in with the cinnamon that must have been the pecans.  There was some cinnamon flavor at least.

Ojan says, "It tastes gluten-free, like made with cashews.  Or maybe vegan.  That was gross.  Why did you make me eat that?"

Least favorite of the items I tried.
Nutty Bars.
Nutty Bars were probably my second favorite as a child.  Described as: "classic crunchy wafer bars, full of the great taste of peanut butter enrobed in fudge".

Like most of the treats we'd been trying, I expected to take a bit of one of them, and then hand the rest over to Ojan, who was busy exclaiming how great they were.  "Yeah right," I thought, "low quality waxy milk chocolate, peanut flavored paste, and some stale wafers.  I'm sure they are great!"  How wrong I was!  Sure, those things may have been true, but they were still really tasty.  Classic chocolate and peanut butter, always a great combination.  And a nice crispy wafer.  Yum!

I ate them just as I did as a kid - layer by layer, rather than biting right into them.  I love separating them like that.  I haven't seen anyone else eat them this way, but it feels so natural to me :)

Ojan and I both really liked them, and if I was really going to purchase more Little Debbie snacks, these would surely be the ones.  Ojan of course did purchase them a few more times after this first encounter, but I think he is sick of them finally.


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