Friday, September 29, 2017

Simply Sinbad / Sinbad Sweets

Sometimes, learning about products to write these little intros is harder than others.  Like, when a company doesn't seem to exist, but is a near match to one that does.  Which is the case with "Simply Sinbad".

I had a package of little baklava bites, with the "Simply Sinbad" brand on them.  I went to look them up, and couldn't find ... anything really.  Just the Instacart page for Costco.  But I found plenty of information on "Sinbad Sweets", a company that makes, among other things, classic triangle baklava. And a huge baklava assortment, with all sorts of options like chocolate drizzled orange syrup flavored baklava, rolled baklava covered with sliced almonds and chocolate, "basket" shapes with pecans or almonds instead ... but no bites.

I dug and dug, and finally found that Sinbad Sweets introduced the baklava bites for grocery and convenience stores in 2013.  Why they changed the brand name I do not know.  I got my package a party where the hosts shopped at Costco, so, clearly they distribute there.

Anyway, they turned out to be great.  Hence why it worth the research to me!
Baklava Bites : Top View.
"Hand-crafted mini baklavas are perfect for both long time baklava lovers and first time tasters. The combination of decadent flavors and handmade preparation truly make our baklava premium. Our fresh almonds and walnuts are rolled in between layers of delicate, buttery fillo pastry leaves. Next, they are baked slowly to perfection for a great artisan taste and crisp texture. The final touch is the drizzling of our honey syrup to provide just that extra bit of decadence."

The bites come individually wrapped in packages with two pieces each.  Note: each piece is actually more than one bite, unless you have a really big mouth ...

I didn't really detect the drizzle of honey the description says they have, but, I also think that would have made them soggy?

They weren't soggy at all, instead were perfectly crispy.  Very impressive how crisp they were for a packaged product.
Baklava Bites: End View.
As you can see from the end view, they are hollow, a rolled item, rather than tranditional layered form.  This meant there was only one layer of chopped nuts (a mix of almonds and walnuts), but they were sweet and crunchy, and I prefer to pistachio versions.

The fillo was certainly the star though, buttery, flaky, crispy.  Again, impressive for a packaged product, and I'd gladly consume these again.
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