Sunday, July 27, 2014

Righteously Raw Chocolates

Righteously Raw is a chocolate maker, that, as you would expect given the company name, makes all raw products.  The website is filled with buzzwords galore: certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, no refined sugar, low glycemic, anti-oxident rich, etc.  They use coconut sugar, agave, coconut nectar, dates, figs, and raisins as sweeteners, rather than cane sugar.

I tried all three of their original varieties of their chocolate, which come as individual little squares rather than large bars.  They also make chocolate covered macaroons and a chocolate drink, which I did not try.  Overall, I wouldn't rush out to purchase the chocolates again, but, they were much better than I expected.
Pure Dark.
I started with the most basic: the "Pure Dark", an 83%.

After making fun of all the buzz words, I wasn't really expecting much from this bar.  But ... it was really, really good.  Very complex, fruity chocolate.  Smooth and rich.  I'd gladly get another.

Update: I did get another.  I was again very impressed by the quality of the chocolate.  Perhaps a bit chalky in texture, but the flavor was really incredible, particularly the fruit that seemed to come forward.
Divine Mint
Next, dropping down to an 82% dark, with peppermint, for the "Divine Mint".

The aroma coming off of this was unmistakable: mint, mint, mint.  And the mint came through in the chocolate, tasting like real mint leaves, not a mint "flavor".

The chocolate was quite dark, not very sweet, although a bit chalky again.  I was impressed with how bitter it was however.  My least favorite flavor I tried, but if you like dark chocolate, and real mint, I could see this being a winner.
Synergy Spice.
Finally, the most interesting: Synergy Spice.  80% dark chocolate, seriously kicked up with cayenne and aji panca.

As I opened the package, I could smell the spice.  Still, nothing prepared me for the actual spice level.  This thing was crazy spicy!  The chocolate was smooth, dark chocolate, that I enjoyed, but it was actually a bit too spicy for me.  I shared it with a friend, who declared, “I’ve never had chocolate that is legitimately spicy before!  I like this!”


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