Friday, August 01, 2014

Tortilla Chips from Way Better Snacks

As you may have realized, I tend to munch on a lot of snacks, and chips in particular.  While I'm not normally all that interested in "healthy" chips, I somehow keep encountering the products made by Way Better Snacks.  They aren't "healthy" in the raw nutrition stats, but rather, are supposed to be better for you because "Way Better Snacks creates a unique blend of sprouted grains and seeds that are bursting with goodness and form a flavorful snack of unprocessed ingredients!"  The idea is that the sprouted seeds are digested more easily, so your body absorbs more nutrients.  I like that they have tons of Omega-3s too, since eating chips sounds like a far more fun way to get Omega-3s than fish oil pills (not that I need to do either, I eat plenty of seafood).

Way Better Snacks makes two product lines, pita chips and tortilla chips, but I've only tried the tortillas.  Both are gluten-free, and come in a slew of flavors.  They are still not what I really would pick up to snack on, but if you are looking for a way to add some Omega-3s or whole grains to your diet, they really aren't bad.
Simply Sunny Multi Grain Tortilla Chips.
I started with the most basic offering, "Simply Sunny Multi Grain Tortilla Chips".

The chips did have a nice heartiness to them, and didn't taste fried, and truly did seem like a healthier chip.  Of course, they are fried, but they are baked first, which I think reduces the fried-ness?

They are made from sprouted brown rice, quinoa, stone ground corn, flax seed, chia seed, broccoli seeds, and daikon radish seeds, all organic.  This simple flavor had a good salt level and a nice crunch.  They were not bad at all, particularly for something moderately healthy.
Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips.
When I was in Australia, I felt in love with sweet chili sauce.  It is the standard accompaniment to fried potato wedges, with sour cream too.  (Side note: we seriously need to get into this trend here in the US.)

Thus, I basically try any product I see with sweet chili in the name, hoping it will remind me of my precious wedges with sauce.  And since these were chips, I had a hope that they'd have the potato-y aspect as well.  I didn't read the packaging at all, and missed the fact that there was no potato in them, instead the chip was made from the same fascinating mix of ingredients as the plain ones: quinoa, brown rice, flax seeds, chia seeds, daikon radish sprouts, broccoli spouts, stone ground corn.  Wow.

Unfortunately for me, they didn't taste anything like sweet chili.  As Ojan put it, "they taste like Doritos, and you hate Doritos".  I really didn't like whatever zesty spice they had to them.  I even tried dunking them in sweet chili sauce to help them out, but alas, it didn't work.

I praised them for their nutrition profile, but none of that mattered since I couldn't stand the seasoning.  Would not get again, but perhaps if you like Doritos, these could be a nice healthier alternative?
Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.
Next, I moved on to the Simply Sweet Potato chips. These at least had potato in them, although they still had a slew of other powerful ingredients, like quinoa, flax, and stoneground corn.

Just like the others, they were nice hearty chips, but I didn't really taste sweet potato. Meh.
Simply Unbeatable Blue Tortilla Chips.
And finally, I went for the Simply Unbeatable Blue Tortilla Chips.  Same square shape, loaded with seeds.  Actually, they were identical in their ingredients to the Simply Sunny chips, except with blue corn instead of regular corn.

Like all of the rest of Way Better Snacks chips, they were hearty, and healthy tasting, a nice salt level.  But still just a tortilla chip.  I did like the blue corn version more than the regular corn, but I didn't really want to try more of these.


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