Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cadbury, UK Edition

Last week, I reviewed Mars brand chocolates found in the UK, as a special UK edition of my regular Sunday chocolate reviews, in honor of my recent trip to London.  This week, I'll continue the trend, moving on to Cadbury, which I've reviewed previously featuring some US and Australian selections

Cadbury is in fact a British company, so it should be no surprise that the selection offered there is much greater than what we see here in the US (yes, Cadbury really does make more than just Creme Eggs).  Since I ate my share of Cadbury while living in Australia, I wasn't that excited about the regular chocolates, but there was one item that caught my eye, based on the name alone: SNACK!

What is a SNACK!, anyway?  It sure sounds exciting.  But, because it is annoying to type, and read, I'll refrain from calling it SNACK! anymore, and just go with "Snack".

The Snack line of products contains 3 different items: Snack Wafer (chocolate covered wafers), Snack Sandwich (chocolate covered chocolate and biscuit sandwich), and Snack Shortcake (chocolate covered shortbread).  Each comes in a bright wrapper (pink, purple, or yellow, respectively), all bearing the SNACK! logo.  They are not to be confused with Cadbury Snack products in Australia, which is entirely different (blocks of strawberry, pineapple, orange, coconut ice, Turkish delight and caramel covered in milk chocolate).  Note to self: next time I'm in Australia, try this version of Snack too.
Snack Shortcake.
"Shortcake biscuit squares".

The classic product from the Snack line is the Shortcake, so that is what I tried.  It has been around since the 1950s and is apparently very popular in Ireland.  I don't really see why.

My package contained 6 squares.  Each was a very generic, totally unremarkable, dry shortbread, coated in equally unremarkable, generic milk chocolate.  Some Cadbury chocolate is actually really creamy, but this layer was too thin to really appreciate the milk chocolate.  It was just dry biscuit, not very buttery or sweet.  Perhaps an acquired taste?  I certainly wasn't into this.

Ojan however really liked it.  He declared it as a nice variation on a Twix, basically, Twix without caramel.
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