Sunday, February 22, 2015

Enjoy Life Chocolate

Enjoy Life is a company that sets out to make products that can be enjoyed by anyone, worry free.  What they mean by this is that their products are gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, basically, all-the-allergens-free.  And of course non-GMO.  They make cookies (both soft baked and crunchy), cereals, seed & fruit trail mixes (no nuts!), snack bars, chips (called Plentils, stay tuned for that review), and ... chocolate.  For chocolate, they offer baking chocolate (chips or chunks), plus bars.

I've only had the chocolate bars, called "boom CHOCO boom" (I have no idea why).  They make 3 varieties of chocolate bar: a regular dark chocolate bar, a milk chocolate bar made with ricemilk, and a ricemilk crunch bar.

The chocolate was actually good, but sadly, like so many allergen-free items, something was clearly just a bit off.  As I have no reason to avoid any of these allergens, I won't be seeking out more of their chocolate.
boom CHOCO boom Dark Chocolate.
The flavor to the chocolate was quite good, it tasted "smooth" if that makes any sense.  Another taster remarked that it had the enjoyable taste of a dark chocolate, except that it was somehow sweeter than most dark chocolate.  Basically, you had some sweetness, but you could also taste the cocoa.  We wondered what percentage it was, and that information was no where to be found on the packaging nor the website.

But, the texture wasn't right.  It didn't have a nice snap to it, and it was a bit chalky.  Sorta even crumbly.  Another taster dubbed it grainy.  None of us could get past the strange texture.
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