Friday, August 12, 2016

HannahMax Baking

HannahMax Baking makes a unique sounding item: cookie chips.  I don't really like cookies.  But I like chips.  And I like snacks.  So I looked closer.
"The original all natural, super crunchy, absolutely delicious snack cookie.  Made from only the highest quality ingredients, Cookie Chips are a daily indulgent treat you won't feel guilty about. "
I do like "super crunchy", and I wouldn't mind having a healthier sweet treat from time to time ...  so I investigated more.

Cookie chips are available in 6 flavors: chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sea salted peanut butter, and, "original".  Original seems to be a brown sugar flavor.  They also make gluten-free cookie chips in three flavors (chocolate chip, lemon sugar, snappy ginger).  The chips are sold in individual packs, although the serving size on each bag is actually 2.  Not really "individual" servings then, are they?

The company prides themselves on using real ingredients, aka, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla, no GMOs, trans fats, artificial colors, etc.  They talk up the nutrition stats (only 120 calories per serving ... err, 5 chips, half a bag).

I only tried one flavor, but, I didn't like them enough to try another.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips.
"We took our Original brown sugar Cookie Chips and added the best semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels we could find to create this crunchy twist on your favorite traditional cookie."

The cookie chips are indeed, well, cookie chips.  They are super thin, super crispy, basically chips, except, well, cookies.  They were kinda everything I don't like in a cookie.  On the rare occasions when I like a cookie, it is because it is soft and gooey.  These were the opposite.

They were also tiny, which makes sense, as they are chips, and, normally, you eat a big pile of chips.  Here, the serving size is a mere 5 chips.  5 cookies sounds ridiculous, but when is the last time you ate only 5 chips?  Yeah.

Anyway, these clearly weren't for me.  The flavor wasn't bad, buttery and sugary, with a little hint of chocolate from the mini chocolate chips, but, totally not my thing.

Ojan gladly took them off my hands.  I'm not sure he even paused for a moment before devouring the entire bag.  (Two servings!)


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