Thursday, August 11, 2016

Love & Quiches Desserts

Honestly, I have no idea where I discovered Love & Quiches.  I think it might have been on an airplane?

Love & Quiches makes quiches of course, but also a large line of  "desserts from the heart".  Ah yes, dessert.  If you were wondering why I'd possibly be reviewing quiche, and item I really don't like, now you need to wonder no more.

The company is a rather cute success story, the founder originally started out making quiches and selling it to restaurants, and then moved into desserts, and then got her own storefront, and then moved into packaged products and larger distribution.

They make a huge assortment of desserts, including tons of layer cakes, brownies, bars, and homestyle items like cheesecake and tiramisu, to a chocolate chunk fudge brownie pie, to bread pudding bites (!).  These are all geared at the foodservice industry, frozen items for other retailers to thaw and sell.  They also make some individually packaged products, which is what I had.  They weren't particularly impressive.

Caramel Brownie.
This was a very mediocre brownie.  Fairly dry, and barely any of the promised caramel.  The flavor was decent, but overall it was just not very interesting.  Better when warmed up and served with ice cream, but at that point, I wasn't really tasting much of their core product.
Double Chocolate Crunch Brownie.
The double chocolate crunch brownie was better.

Sure, it was still a packaged brownie, but the chocolate flavor was good, it was fairly fudgey.  I'm sure it would be good warm.

I liked the crumble on top for additional sweetness and crunch.

I wouldn't purchase another one of these, but it was good for what it was.


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