Friday, January 06, 2017

Oreo Ice Cream Bars, France

I won't give you the spiel again.  For the past few weeks, I've been posting about the assorted ice cream I found while visiting my Paris office, like the Mars brand ice cream bars, the slightly more interesting Trufo bars from Kalise, and the unidentified chocolate pistachio cones.

The final item I tried was an item and brand I know well, but, in a form I hadn't ever had before: Oreo Ice Cream Sticks, sold in both France and Germany.  It was really quite good.  It tasted exactly like an Oreo.
Oreo Ice Cream Stick.
"Ice Cream with Oreo Biscuit Pieces".

The description wasn't exactly comprehensive.  I opened my package to discover a chocolate covered item, generously dipped and coated in chocolate.

This chocolate shell at first was off-putting.  It wasn't a shiny, smooth, chocolate shell as is common with ice cream novelties on sticks.  It was ... gritty.  I expected the extra bits of cookie crumbs in the ice cream, but the gritty texture in the shell was unexpected.  But once I was prepared for it, and realized that was my cookie component, it made total sense, and I enjoyed it.
Oreo Ice Cream Stick: Inside.
Inside was indeed "ice cream with Oreo biscuit pieces", white ice cream with visible chunks of oreo.

The ice cream was actually decent.  It tasted exactly like the "stuff" inside an Oreo.  It was decently creamy.  There were more bits of cookie integrated throughout, but most of the cookie elements came through the shell.

Overall, yes, this was good.  Yes, it tasted like an Oreo.  I don't really like Oreos, but I immediately wanted another one of these.
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