Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Waffling Leftovers: Sweet Potato Mash

You've read about how I have waffled leftover mashed potatoes and potato puree.  How I've waffled leftover mashed taro.   It was only a matter of time before I waffled another mashed potato-like product, right?  This time: mashed sweet potatoes.
Waffled Mashed Sweet Potato Transformation.
As expected, the answer to the burning question is simple:

Leftover Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Will it Waffle?  Yes, just like regular mashed potato.

Which was overall, fine, but not any different from waffling regular mashed potato, and I preferred it traditionally heated in the toaster oven.
The Original: Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
The original was mashed (technically, whipped), sweet potatoes, loaded with plenty of milk and butter.  They were super creamy, flavorful, rich, and delicious.  Seasoned simply with nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

Very good in the original form.
Leftover Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
And I had plenty leftover.

The mashed potatoes were tasty as cold leftovers even, and great reheated in the toaster oven.

I didn't need to experiment.
Into the Waffle Iron!
But I couldn't resist.  Into the waffle iron I put a glob, 350 degrees.

I know regular mashed potatoes waffle well, so I assumed these would too.
Cooking Along ...
They cooked fine.

I checked in midway, and they were getting nicely golden.  Even though I didn't crust them, they held form with no problem.  Extracted easily when it was time.

I did accidentally forget that I had something waffling though, and went to finish preparing the rest of my meal.  So ... they got a bit darker than I intended.

Still, this worked fine.

Slightly crisp exterior, fluffy soft interior.  I wanted something to put on top, some kind of sauce, or ideally, a flavored sour cream.

Fine, but, boring.
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