Friday, September 08, 2017

Mrs. Thinster's COOKIETHINS

Mrs. Thinster's is a snack food company that makes one product: COOKIETHINS.  Thin, snacky versions of cookies.  I love munchy snacks, but I don't like cookies, so I wasn't sure how these would go.

The thins are of course made with simple, real ingredients, non-GMO, no corn syrup, no artificial flavors/colors, no preservatives, yadda yadda.  The story behind them involves the baker using a teaspoon rather than a tablespoon to scoop out her cookies one day, and loving the result.  Anyway, the result is little crispy snackable cookies, available in 7 flavors, some fairly adventurous (like key lime pie and cake batter).  They are much like HannahMax cookie chips and Sheila G's brownie brittle in concept: thinner, crispier, mini versions of traditional items, stuffed into portion controlled snack size bags.

I tried only the chocolate chip, since I quickly realized that cookie thins aren't the product for me.
Chocolate Chip.
"Our #1 best-selling Cookie Thins, this classic flavor is jam-packed with great, rich, chocolate morsels that will have you reaching for a second bag—and another glass of milk! Perfect to eat alone or dunk into peanut butter, icing, or your favorite chocolate spread. Yep, we said it."

Each little snack bag was portioned into what perhaps could be a reasonable snack of a handful of the cookie-chips.  They were basically exactly like any other cookie chips I've tried before (e.g. HannahMax).  Thin.  Crispy.  I couldn't really taste the mini chocolate chips.  They aren't buttery or soft, the only aspects of cookies I ever like.

Eating these like chips is the concept they are aiming for, but it isn't a satisfying one for me.  It just felt ... incomplete?  Maybe I should have taken their advice to dunk into peanut butter or icing?  But, at that point, they become much less of a convenience snack.

My solution was to crumble them up and use as a topping on pudding one time, on ice cream another, and as layers of a parfait another.  But again, that is just using them as an ingredient, missing the point of the little snack packs entirely.

Not for me.


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