Monday, November 27, 2017

Dessert from Family Mart, Tokyo

When in Tokyo, eat at convenience stores.  Seriously.

I loved my salads in pouches from 7-Eleven.  The egg sandwiches from Lawson Station.  The packaged pudding from anywhere.

So next up?  Family Mart, the other big chain (alongside 7-Eleven and Lawson).

At Family Mart, I sought out one thing: dessert.
Desserts from Family Mart.
We only visited Family Mart once for dessert, so each just selected a single item: a cream filled pastry for my companion, a pudding for me.

They were both successful, and I wish we had a chance to go back for more.
Salty Milk Pudding.
The pudding selection at FamilyMart had many options.  I almost went for the caramel pudding, or the one that looked like flan, or the crumble topped one.  So many choices (although sometimes hard to guess which were yogurt, and which were pudding).

But in the end, I saw "salty milk pudding", and couldn't resist.  There are some thai desserts that are salty and sweet puddings that I love, and this sounded certainly the most unique.
Salty Milk Pudding Contents: Sweets Toppings + Pudding.
Once I removed the plastic top, I found a gold packet of "sweets topping", on top of the next layer of packaging, a sealed lid covering the pudding.

I easily pulled back the lid, and tried the pudding plain first.

It was a nice texture, not too thick, not too rich, sorta like almond tofu crossed with more traditional cream pudding.  It was moderately sweet, and slightly salty.

I liked it plain actually, and would have consumed it that way with no problem, but of course, it was time to try the unexpected topping.
Salty Milk Pudding with Sweets Topping.
I drizzled just a little on to try it.

It was ... well, sweet, caramelized sauce.  It reminded me of flan.  It was perfectly good, but I actually strangely preferred it plain.  Perhaps I just wasn't in the mood for really sweet?

But overall, a nice pudding, far nicer than anything you get in American grocery stores, and <$1.

Oh, and the cashier added the adorable little spoon to my bag, which was the perfect size to savor the pudding, just like a gelato spoon.
Cream Filled Taiyaki.
My companion couldn't decide between the cream filled pancake or taiyaki, and finally went for the taiyaki, because, uh, it was cuter?
Taiyaki: Inside.
He wasn't thrilled with the choice though, he expected it to be cake or pastry, and rather, it was mochi-like, as you can see the translucent layer under the outer layer here.  I agree, I like mochi, but that kinda soggy layer wasn't great.

The cream filling however was fantastic.  Super rich, super thick, very, very tasty.  Sweet, but not too sweet.

Once he discarded this, I used the mini spoon that came with mine to scoop out all the custard.  Such great custard!
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