Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sham Sweets

Sham Sweets is a bakery in India, that claims to be the "the pioneers of Dhoda" (an Indian sweet), in operation since 1951.

I haven't been to India.  While I'm a dessert lover, and enjoy indian food, indian sweets are not something I have that much experience with, and, to be honest, I don't generally care for most indian desserts.

But ... when co-workers bring in treats, I'm always eager to try.  Thus, direct from India, I got to try Sham Sweets.
Dodha Burfi / "Fudge".
"A basic sweet confectionary in India, similar to western world it's made with milk, sugar and flavoured with aromatic spices such as cardamom , saffron and fruit extract. Dodha Barfi, traditionally recipe envolves caramelizing whole milk from scratch, simmering it slowly over stove top for hours."

First up, the dodha burfi.  I liked it, and it was unlike anything I've had before.

It was moist.  It was loaded with nuts.  It was sweet, although a bit bitter in a way I didn't quite like.  Almost like a nut pie, but less gooey, easy to pick up, with a slight savoriness to it from the spices.

Interesting flavors.  Good texture.

Nice just on its own.  Great with a cup of coffee or tea.  I could imagine warming it, or serving with whipped cream or ice cream, but it was fine as a grab-n-go snack too.
Kaju Katli / "Cashew Slice"
This was fascinating, and interesting, but not really for me.

Very sweet, as it is made from sugar syrup, with hints of what I think was cardamom and saffron?  The texture from the ground cashews was interesting too.  The silver top was just for looks, as I didn't taste anything interesting in the silver finish.

Not my thing exactly, but it wasn't bad, and I was glad to try it.
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