Friday, March 09, 2018

Mrs. Crimbles Gluten-Free Baked Goods, UK

Mrs. Crimble's is a UK based producer of gluten-free packaged baked goods, mostly cookies, cakes, crackers, and macaroons.  They also make gluten-free baking mixes, ranging from stuffing and breadcrumbs to sweet pastry mix. 

I tried a few individually packaged items during my last visit to the UK.  They were ... fine?

Bakewell Slice: Top.
"With layers of fruity jam, crisp pastry and no soggy bottoms."

"Almond Flavoured Sponge Slices with a Fruity Layer and Gluten Free Pastry Base."

"These Mrs Crimble's Bakewell Slices are made to a high quality recipe with toasted almond topping on a frangipane base with a strawberry jam filling."

The first product I tried is Mrs. Crimble's signature item: a Bakewell slice, a bar style form of a classic British bakewell dessert.  The format is similar to the more traditional Bakewell tart, with a shortcrust pastry base, a layer of jam (strawberry and apricot blend), a layer of softer frangipane-ish sponge, and sliced almonds on top.

Every website I looked at had different descriptions of the bakewell slice, so, I give you three to pick from above.

It really wasn't bad at all.  I had no high hopes given that it was a packaged product and gluten-free, but, I liked it.

The top had a few slivered almonds, on top of a almond flavored soft moist cake (er, sponge?)
Bakewell Slice - Bottom.
The bottom was the shortcrust, harder than the sponge, crumbly.  Between the layers was the fruit spread.

Overall, it was sweet, fruity, soft, crumbly, crunchy.  Perfectly enjoyable by itself.  I'm sure it would have been good with a cup of tea.  It didn't entirely meet my "dessert" needs, but for a mid-afternoon treat, or perhaps even, uh, as part of a nicely balanced breakfast, I liked it.

I also had a chunk with whipped cream on top, which then did meet my "dessert" needs.
Jam Coconut Ring.
"Coconut ring with a fruity filling."

Next, the "jam coconut ring".

This was a decent product, but you really need to like coconut to enjoy it.  It was ... shredded, sweet coconut, formed into a soft cookie-ring, with a strawberry and elderberry (!) based goo in the middle.  Sure, it had a few other ingredients, but, mostly, it was sweet sorta gooey sorta soft coconut, with fruit goo.  Sweet, soft, good textures, but, uh, very "coconut forward"?

Basically, a macaroon, but shaped in a ring, with a bit of goo. 

The most interesting element was under the goo.  A piece of paper.  Edible paper.  Rice paper.  To hold the goo in place.  Why not have the cookie extend all the way through? I have no idea.  It didn't taste bad, but, it wasn't exactly good either.
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