Monday, March 12, 2018

Cinnabon @ Home

Cinnabon.  Yes, if you've ever been to a mall, you know it.

But strangely, um, I didn't really.  I didn't grow up in an area with malls.  We went once a year to the big city a few hours a way for back to school shopping, but that mall didn't have a Cinnabon.  I literally never encountered one until I was in my late 20s, and there was one in an airport, and the friends I was traveling with were all excited.  I think I had a bite then, but, it was not memorable.

Fast forward a few years.  I randomly tried some truly awful Cinnabon popcorn (seriously, so revolting).  Fast forward a few more years.

I finally tried Cinnabon.  But, still, not actually fresh, not actually in a mall.
CinnaPack ... with Cream Cheese Frosting Cups.
My office is a wonderful place, where people bring in treats all the time.

And this time, it was a "CinnaPack", from Cinnabon.  A big box of Classic Cinnabon rolls, with extra cream cheese frosting.
Classic MiniBon.
"The perfect fun-sized craving.

For the past 25 years, Cinnabon bakeries have allowed guests to indulge in moderation with the Minibon cinnamon roll, a smaller version of its signature Cinnabon® classic roll.

The Minibon offers all the Ooey Gooey™, Disturbingly Delicious™ decadence of the Cinnabon classic cinnamon roll in a smaller-portioned treat. It is oven-fresh with Cinnabon Makara® Cinnamon and signature cream cheese frosting."

I opened the box to find one left.  Score!

I *think* this was a Minibon, not a full size roll.  Otherwise, it was 900 calories (!), and I prefer to think this one was a more reasonable 350 ... plus all the extra frosting of course.

The box had instructions on how to warm it up in a microwave or oven.  I'm normally all about the (toaster) oven, but I was at the office, and had only a microwave to work with.

So, into the microwave it went, for just 30 seconds.  Within moments, it smelt amazing.
Classic Roll with a View!
"Warm dough, legendary Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting."

The roll had cream cheese frosting on top, and it melted in beautifully.  But, there were three extra cups of icing, and I wasn't going to let them go to waste.

After an initial bite, and photo op, I slathered on tons more.  It too softened, melted, and dripped down the edges.  Oh yes.  Sorry, I didn't stop to take a photo of this glory, I was a bit busy stuffing my face.

The roll was good.  Soft, doughy, good cinnamon filling between the folds.  The microwave was both a good and bad thing.  Good, in that the roll was delightful warm, and quite soft.  Bad, in that it was also tough on the edges.  I know I can't judge Cinnabon based on the fact that I had to use a microwave.

The frosting was great, very cream cheese forward, very sweet, exactly what you want.

Overall, a solid cinnamon roll, but, I actually really preferred the one from 7-Eleven.
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