Thursday, May 03, 2018

Bambu, Sunnyvale

After a fairly disappointing meal at Dumpling Depot near downtown Sunnyvale, my group wanted something to kinda make up for the lackluster meal.  We weren't necessarily hungry, or really wanting anything, except, well, a better experience.

I pulled up Google Maps, searched for "dessert", found only two places nearby (Pinkberry or Bambu), did a quick Yelp reference check on Bambu, and saw 4 stars.  People said it was a nice place to hang out, which also is what we were looking for, to continue talking, hopefully somewhere more comfortable than the cold sterile interior of the dumpling shop.  Ok, we were in!

I didn't entirely know what Bambu was, except that it looked like an asian dessert cafe.  That was all I needed really, since I love dessert, and trying unfamiliar desserts is always fun for me.

It turned out to be a surprise great pick.  Nice environment, friendly efficient service, and unique tasty treats.  I'll gladly return.
Front Counter.
The front counter had a display of cute macaroons (in flavors including durian!), and freezers with mochi ice cream (again, great flavors, ube!), but the real focus is on the drinks and desserts.

The menu has a slew of drinks (bubble teas, infused teas, milk teas, coffees, juices, smoothies), a single pandan waffle offering, and, a huge selection of signature chè.

I was tempted to get a taro smoothie with mix-ins, but, I wanted to be more unique.  I don't get chè often at all, and the others had never had it before, so, we all went for chè.
Cute Seating.
The interior isn't huge, but there were a couple different types of seating, including a small private back room, standard tables, and an area with couches.  We settled comfortably onto leather couches to await our desserts.

Our orders were quickly prepared and our number called out.
Fruit Addict Chè (+Taro). $5.95.
"Lychee, longan, red tapioca, jackfruit, palm seed, jello, pandan jelly, coconut and coconut milk."

For chè, the menu had at least 15 different pre-made combinations.  I started at the top of the list, and liked the sounds of the first one, the "Bambu Special" with coconut pandan jelly, longan, basil seeds, and coconut water.  And then I liked the next one.  And the next one.  And so on.  I really would have been happy with nearly any of them.  So many ingredients I love: taro. Pandan. Jackfruit. Jellies. Coconut milk or coconut water.  OMG.

I went for the "Fruit Addict" in the end, as it had a ton of things I wanted, but I added in taro, because I love taro.

It was a wonderful adventure of a dessert-drink.  Each layer was a unique color and texture, and it was incredibly fun to dig through, sip at, and just generally make a mess of as I discovered all the elements.    It was all in a sweet coconut milk base, topped with slush that melted in as we enjoyed.

The lychee and longan were perhaps the most boring, just whole pieces of fruit, sweet, juicy, but not very unique.  Same with the coconut, not fresh soft slimy young coconut as I hoped, but instead more mature large pieces of coconut.

The green pandan jellies were equally a bit boring, a bit chewy, fine, but not all that interesting.
Close Up.
But the jackfruit slices I loved, always a favorite ingredient of mine, my second favorite thing in the mix.  You can see a bit of orange on the left here, that is the jackfruit.

The red tapioca I also really liked, I think it was water chestnut bits coated in red colored tapioca, not just red tapioca balls.  They had a slight crunch in the center and soft exterior.  It reminded me of the Tup Tim Grob from Chat Thai in Sydney, but, actually good.  My third favorite element.

I know you are expecting me to say the taro I added was my favorite, but, it wasn't.  I wasn't sure what format the taro would be, little taro balls, taro flavored mochi, etc, but, it turned out to be a taro cream.  A bit odd actually, and not my favorite.  Interesting texture, interesting experience, but, not how I like my taro.

What was my favorite?  The palm seeds, although I only found 2 slices.  Soft, slimy, and sweet.  And just not something I have much.

Overall, this was a unique dessert for me, full of texture, ingredients I like, and surprise.  I enjoyed it, and would love to try more of this style of Vietnamese dessert.
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