Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Catering by Andrew

Catering by Andrew.  Not a retail storefront, only for restaurants, hotels, food service, and events.  I know catering, in general, is not just randomly accessible to you.  But maybe you need to plan an event in the Boston area?

And, uh, maybe you need a Kosher caterer?  If so, check out Catering by Andrew. 

I don't know much about the company, besides that they offer a large range of dishes, from breakfast buffets to lunch boxes to elaborate dinners with appetizers to desserts to challah and other baked goods.

I also don't know who Andrew is.   But I was shocked by how good some of the dishes were.


Spinach Salad.
"Baby spinach salad,  goat cheese, cranberries, spiced pecans, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette."

This sounded great to me, minus the goat cheese.  I planned to just eat everything else, since I like all the other ingredients.  And, I was very curious what the "spiced pecans" were like.

It turned out to be far less exciting than it sounded.  The pecans seemed ... well, not spiced?  Really, just plain pecans.

The baby spinach was fresh and crisp, the cherry tomatoes ripe enough, the dried cranberries not too hard, but, none of these are particularly exciting ingredients.

The balsamic vinaigrette was a bit too balsamic-y for my taste.

Overall, not for me, but not a bad salad.
Caesar Salad.
"Classic caesar salad with crunchy garlic croutons." 

"Crunchy croutons" this did not have.  The croutons were soggy.  Really soggy.  I discarded them immediately both times I tried this salad.  They were always very mushy, likely due to the packaging.

But everything else about the salad was great.  The base was fresh romaine hearts plus just the right amount of radicchio to add some color and more complex flavor, but not too much bitterness.  The greens were fresh and crisp, although I did find a bit of brown lettuce in my second salad, but overall, a nice base.

But this salad was all about the dressing.

The dressing was incredible.  So flavorful.  Creamy.  Real anchovy.  Really fantastic.  The ingredients are fairly standard Caesar (mayo, garlic, anchovy, mustard powder, Worcestershire, lemon juice, sugar), and there actually isn't any cheese in it, but, somehow it is just ridiculously good.

Yes, somehow, just the greens and dressing were enough for me to be happy, a real testament to that dressing, as normally I'm all for jazzing up salads much more.
Caesar - my way!
But of course sometimes I do jazz it up a tiny bit.  I throw out the croutons every time, because they really are soggy every single time, but one time, I added a little Frank's red sauce to my dressing.  The dressing was good, but, I love Frank's, and though this might be extra fun.

And it was.  It wasn't necessary, but, it did give me a slightly different spin on the salad.

I could also imagine throwing on any sort of additional crunchy item (corn nuts? sesame sticks) and perhaps some marinated tomatoes, but, really, just the greens and dressing really is enough.


[ No Photo ]
Scrod Florentine

This was really shockingly good.  I can't say I had high hopes for a pre-cooked seafood item, but, it was great.

The fish was scrod, mild and tender, not at all fishy.  The standard Boston fish of choice, and it was good.  I loved the filling, and it was quite generously stuffed.

I don't have a photo, as I didn't intend to review Catering by Andrew, but, this dish is what inspired me to do so.  Really quite good, and an insanely huge serving.


Chocolate Mousse.
This. Was. Incredible.

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth and love my desserts, and especially puddings, but, I also tend to be a snob about them.

This was so good that no snobbery was warranted.

Very fluffy, very rich, very good chocolate mousse.  It had only a dollop of whipped cream, but, it didn't really need it.  I liked the chocolate garnish too.

Very, very good and I'd gladly devour another one of these on the spot.  They also make a chocolate mousse cake, and a chocolate cream pie, both of which I'd love to try.  And a lemon mousse and a pomegranate mousse, both of which I'd love to try.

[ No Photo ]
Apple Strudel.

The apple strudel was less successful.

The pastry was not flaky.  The apples were too crispy.  It wasn't well spiced.  Not good.


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