Friday, February 22, 2019

Wat-U-See Foods

Wat-U-See Foods is a manufacture that makes snacks.  Healthy snacks.  Not usually my thing, but, you know I like to try basically anything, and I am an avid snacker after all ...

Their product line is called "chickpeatos", which might give you an indication of what they are made from.


"Our Chickpeatos are tasty and powerful snacks to make everyday better. They crunch like a pretzel, snack like a potato chip, and fuel you like nothing else!"
Yes, I love snacks.  I love to munch on things.  But you know what I don't like?  Legumes.  Beans.  CHICKPEAS.

And yet I tried Chickpeatos.  Bear with me on this one.

Chickpeatos come in three forms: crispy (roasted in olive oil), popped, and, uh, as breadcrumbs.

The crispy style looked the least interesting, as they stayed true to chickpea form, but, they did have some interesting flavors (including ... "cinnamon toast"?)

Popped Chickpeatos

"Baked green peas and chickpeas come together to make a smart, craveable snack for everyone. These all natural puffs are packed with protein and popped full of so much bold flavor you'll almost forget that they're good for you!"
I however went with the popped variety.  They are available in three varieties: simple salted, zesty ranch, and sweet caramel sea salt.
Zesty Ranch.
"You'll want to savor the flavor of Zesty Ranch to keep your tastes buds dancing and the party going strong."

I went for the Zesty Range first, assuming the ranch would be most likely to mask the flavor of chickpea.  Shutter.

And it did.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The shape was a bit funny, not quite balls like cheese balls, but not long like cheese puffs either.  Somewhere in the middle.  But the texture?  Totally exactly like your favorite orange colored snack food.  Light, airy.  Very snackable, indeed.

The base, the chickpea and green pea, really didn't taste like peas or chickpeas.  At all.  It was just light and airy, just like a rice or wheat based snack.  You'd never know they were made from chickpeas.

The balls were all well coated too, in what was indeed zesty ranch flavor, herby, I think onion-y, and pretty tasty.  Very herb forward.

It appears that I found a fairly healthy snack that I kinda like ... that said, I didn't exactly crave more of these.
Caramel Sea Salt.
"Enjoy all of the sweet, sticky goodness of indulgent Caramel Sea Salt without any of the guilt."

Next I went for the sweet offering, caramel sea salt, although, again, I was skeptical about the chickpea qualities.

These had promise.  I have a serious caramel popcorn problem, and I'd be thrilled to find a healthier alternative.  And the Zesty Ranch weren't *that* bad ...

But ... a big no to these.  These were not successful.

Not only were they about as far from "sweet, sticky goodness" as you can get, in that, well, they weren't sticky, they weren't well coated, and they weren't even really that sweet, but they also tasted like chickpea/green peas this time around.  They were not only not indulgent, they were also just not tasty.

No, no, no.


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