Friday, April 12, 2019

Spudnik's Kettle Chips, Canada

I know, you are probably sick of reading more and more reviews were I talk about how much I love snacks, and chips, and then dub yet another brand as just "meh", and say I'm over potato chips.

But ... this one will be different.  I promise.

Spudniks is a snack food maker based in Toronto, Canada.  I don't think they have a very big distribution network, but they were available in my office there, and I was immediately drawn in by the flavors.  And, well, the desire to have "local" things.

My office only had the kettle chips (in various flavors), but Spudnicks also makes flavored popcorn, that I'd love to get my hands on.
Kettle Chips.
Kettle chips come in single serving or large family style bags, in a variety of flavors such as standard sea salt or salt & malt vinegar, but also the fascinating ones: kool ketcup, thai chili, buffalo bbq, blue cheese & chicken wings, and these, delicious dill pickle.

Now do you understand why I gave them a try?
Delicious Dill Pickle
"Craving Pickles? If so, you will love our mouth watering Delirious Dill Pickle Flavour. The taste of baby dills with a sweet tang."

I liked these more than any other chips in recent memory.

Fried, crunchy, crispy, like the "deli chips" I remember eating as a child.  I loved how very fried they were.

And then the flavor?  Awesome.  Yes dill.  Yes herb.  Yes, so good!


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