Friday, February 20, 2015

Miss Vickie's Chips

Another day, another review of chips, this time kettle style chips, from Miss Vickie's.  Miss Vickie's is a Canadian company, but owned by Frito-Lay, whose chips I've reviewed before.  They actually have a cute story.  Vickie (and her husband) started making chips in Quebec at a potato festival in the late 1980s, and they became a hit.  They developed popularity, commercialized, and expanded throughout Canada.  A few years later, they were purchased by Frito-Lay, and are now distributed in the US.  Fairly humble beginnings and a nice little success story.

Anyway, the chips.  I've never found them to be awesome, just basic kettle style chips, not much different from Kettle Brand or Dirty Chips, and not available in ridiculous unique flavors like Zapp's.
Sea Salt & Vinegar.
Basic kettle style chip. Very crispy, fairly oily.

The salt and vinegar flavors weren't nearly strong enough.  Meh.

Updates: Crispy chips, tiny bit of tang, but not much. [ Yes very crispy, but in a kinda oily way. Some vinegar tang, not much salt.  Meh. ]
Again, basic kettle chips.  These seemed a bit burnt though, much darker in color and with some brown edges.

While the salt & vinegar lacked in flavor, these made up for it.  Each chip was generously coated in seasoning, and they had some kick.  I didn't particularly like the flavor, but you can't fault them for not being flavorful.

Update: Just basic kettle style chips, very little jalapeño flavor, needed more zing.
Smokehouse BBQ.
BBQ chips were my favorite when I was younger, although I always liked "mesquite" BBQ, not "smokehouse" BBQ.

These did have a smoky, fairly classic BBQ flavor.  Standard oily kettle chip, crispy.

No surprises here, but nothing special either.

Update: Super crisp, classic kettle chips.  Good smoky bbq flavor.
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