Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travelin' Tuesdays: The Northeast US

A year or so ago, I wrote up a master post to dining in the Boston area.  Or at least, what I thought would be a master post.  I'm not sure why I thought that would be the extent of my posts, given that my family lives in New Hampshire, and I travel through Boston all the time.

Of course, I headed back to the East Coast for a few weeks this summer, so, I devoted my blog to the Northeast for a few weeks in honor of my trip.  This post is a pointer into all my dining adventures.  Future trips to the Northeast will just have entries added here.

Boston (and suburbs)

Southern NH / MA

Lebanon, NH (and surrounding area)

  • Sadly closed, but really excellent, Home Hill Inn (including dinner, brunch, full tasting menu, another dinner ... )
  • Poor everything at The Flying Goose
  • Over the top breakfasts, baked goods, and excellent sausage from Lou's.
  • Mediocre takeout indian, from Taj e India.
  • The best pancakes ever, good sausage, but inconsisent breakfasts at The Hartland Diner
  • A very intimate, unique experience at Le Meridiana
  • Seriously good baked goods from the Danbury County Store.
  • Mediocre fancy food at Millstone at 74 Main.
  • An attempt at Nepalize at Base Camp Cafe
  • Fabulous breakfast and decent lunch at 4 Aces Diner.
  • My favorite soft serve ice cream at Dairy Twirl.
  • The best value soft serve ice cream at Ice Cream Fore-U.
  • Unremarkable lounge dining at Pine and a much better full meal.
  • Decent pizza, good garlic knots, and excellent cinnamon sugar knots, from Ramunto's.
  • Sweet maple cremees from Mac's Maple.
  • A new gem, Wild Roots.
  • The best gelato in America, really, from Morano Gelato.
  • Mediocre soft serve and bubble tea, at Twirl and Pearl.
  • Epic poutine at Worthy Kitchen.


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