Monday, February 23, 2015

Three Babes Bakeshop

I love attending cooking demos all over town.  I don't generally blog about them however.

On Saturday mornings, I often attend demos at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market.  The range of chefs, and dishes prepared, is varied.  Some are chefs from out of town visiting on cookbook tours.  Others are high profile chefs from around town.  Some are a bit boring, others are highly entertaining.  Most are savory chefs, but every once in a while, we are in for a treat.  A sweet treat.

On those days, since I'm a dessert-o-holic, I make extra sure to attend, like when Kara from Kara's Cupcakes does demos, or whenever Yigit Pura pops up around town.

For Valentine's day this year, the ladies behind Three Babes Bakeshop were there demo pie.  I obviously had to attend!

As always, the demo was outside in the open demo kitchen that Cuesa, the organization that runs the farmer's market, sets up.  The presenters, Anna and Lenore, were so much fun.  They are the "babes" who have been friends since childhood and started Three Babes Bakeshop together.  They live together, work together, and have known each other for years, and somehow still seem to get along!  Amazing.  They provided a slew of tips about pie making, and did it with a batch of humor mixed in.

Three Babes does not have a local retail store, but many of their pies are available for delivery via GoodEggs, which I just recently started using.  They also have a stand at the weekly Ferry Building Market.  They sell mostly whole pies, but you can also purchase just the dough to make your own pies without doing the most daunting step.  If you are super ambitious, you can get a 3, 6, or 12 month "pie subscription", which delivers one pie a month!  The range of pies available is extensive, including savory pies, nut pies, cream pies, custard pies, and fruit pies, with just about every single type of topping (double crust, lattice, crumble, etc).  They also like to throw in some bourbon.  I like them already!

February 14, 2015

Apple Crumble Pie.
After the demo, we were all given samples.  I wouldn't say that the samples are the ONLY reason I attend the demos, but, they sure don't hurt.  And these were not just little tiny sample cups to entice us to go buy a slice from their stand.  These were full pieces of pie!  Even MY family would consider these full slices.  So generous!

The crust was downright amazing.  So flaky and buttery.  I know butter worked properly into the dough is the secret to a good crust (and perhaps the apple cider vinegar too?), but wow, these ladies have nailed it.  Perfect crust.  I see why they sell just the crust!

Seriously, I didn't need the rest of the pie, just the crust and I would have been happy.

The filling was classic apple, which they recommend pre-cooking slightly before baking to ensure that the crust and filling are both done at the right time.  No undercooked fruit here, nor burning the crust in order to finish the baking of the fruit.  They clearly care about getting the details right.  And, they were, the apples were perfect, not mushy, not too firm, well spiced.  They could probably sell their pie filling too!

And finally, the crumble topping, which was everything I always want a crumble topping to be.  Crunchy, sweet, decadent.  Butter was likely the key here too, but, if you are having pie, you might as well have GOOD pie.

This was great, and I look forward to trying more of their pies.

Unfortunately, they don't generally sell mini-pies, or slices via Good Eggs, so I'll have to wait until I need a whole pie sometime, or, I supposed I could just get a nut pie and freeze it ...

May 25, 2013

They also did a demo back in May of 2013, and somehow, I took a photo and notes then too.  I recall the demo then being just as fun as the recent one!
Bing Cherry Pie.
The sample however was just a small cup, hence why I expected just a small sample at the recent demo.

It was an awesome pie.  The crust was buttery and decadent.  The cherries were super cooked down and almost caramelized.

I would have loved it warm with ice cream!

May 26, 2012

And ... the previous May too!  These ladies give back to their community!
Mixed Berry Rhubarb Crumble Pie.
Like I said, they make a lot of different pies!  This was a mixed berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) with rhubarb, and the same great crumble topping.

I don't have notes from way back then though, and again, the sample was just a tiny cup (which is totally normal and expected).
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