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Entenmann's is a wholesale bakery and supplier of packaged baked goods, such as loaf cakes, donuts, cookies, cup cakes, pies, bars, muffins, danishes, etc.  I remember seeing their products primarily in gas stations when I was growing up, and always eyed the boxes of chocolate donuts.  I think we sometimes got their eclairs, but, my memories aren't that strong.

While Entenmann's is technically a bakery, I'm going to put them more into the "snacks" category than bakery, much like Little Debbie or Drake's, both of whose goods I have reviewed before.

On my recent visit to my parent's house, my dad had a box of their goodies, and, one night, a rare case of my mom not making homemade dessert, I tried one.

It was, uh, very satisfying?
Mini Apple Pie.
"An American classic, perfect for a snack anytime!"

Entenmann's makes classic whole apple pies.  But, they also make snack pies, in several sizes (mini or regular, both considered individual servings).

I think calling them "pies" isn't quite accurate, these aren't mini pies, as in, not just small versions of pie, but rather, more like McDonald's pies ... that is, pastry wrapped around filling on all sides.  But I digress.

I opted for the smaller "mini" pie.   Like the larger snack size, these are grab-no-go pies, individually wrapped.
Mini Apple Pie: Inside.
The pastry wrapper wasn't flaky.  It wasn't buttery.  But it was oh-so-sweet, with plentiful hard white glaze on it.  Quality pastry?  Nah.  Fresh pastry?  Certainly not.  But I didn't care.

The filling wasn't just goo, it did have some chunks of apple, and it was decently spiced.

Basically, it was a snack pie, exactly as you'd expect.

Which has its place in life.  Sometimes, a simple little snack pie is all you want.  And when that mood hits, I recommend this one.


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