Friday, August 03, 2018

Cobs Popcorn, Australia

Yup, yup, I adore snacks, I adore popcorn.  I write about them often enough to have blog labels dedicated to them.  Even more fun is trying snacks in other countries, so when I was in Sydney, I gladly tried a local brand: Cobs.  The products were much better than the other local brand I had previously tried, and reviewed, Jonny's.

Cobs makes several product ranges: popcorn, organic popcorn, caramel popcorn, Hip Chips, and corn chips.  The caramel range looks great, indulgent caramel corn coated with dark or milk chocolate, or simply drizzled with either type of chocolate, or, just plain caramel corn.  Hip Chips are ... healthy chips, made from potato, rice, and corn, in a variety of savory flavors.  The corn chips are made with super grains.  Eh.

I had only the normal popcorn, available in 5 flavors: sea salt, sea salt & cider vinegar, cheddar, movie theater butter, and lightly salted, slightly sweet.  Sadly, no crazy flavors like many of the brands of chips there that always make me laugh (honey glazed ham chips? burger rings?).

But the verdict?  Good popcorn!
Cheddar Cheese.
"For serious cheese lovers, it’s time to try this authentic taste sensation.

There is nothing better or well-loved than cheesy popcorn and ours is generously seasoned with a delicious and natural cheddar cheese recipe."

I did quite like this.  It did indeed have a great cheddar flavor, in a fake cheddar sort of way.  Cheesy, buttery, and totally not healthy in any way.  Of course it stained my fingers orange.

This was quite addicting, and I devoured bags of these with no problem.
Sea Salt.
"This is one for popcorn lovers who enjoy that real corn flavour.

If you like it simple this is the one for you, it takes only 3 great ingredients, organic corn, organic high mono unsaturated sunflower oil and sea salt, to bring you that authentic popcorn flavour. Ideal for those wanting a sugar free snack or a tasty treat to accompany that favourite drink. "

Well, this was nicely popped popcorn.  But oh so boring.  Just, slightly salted.  Not very interesting for me.
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